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Diverse data from field experiments

Evogene's gene discovery relies on both public and proprietary data from over 200 plant species. Our proprietary data generation activity is aimed at significantly enriching our database with data relevant to desired traits using high-through-put, trait-designated experiments.

As part of our multiyear program for proprietary data generation, we are equipped for planning large scale field and greenhouse experiments, designed to generate trait-oriented omic datasets. For example, genes enabling plant growth under drought conditions can be gleaned from plants grown under limited irrigation conditions.

The unique design of our experiments allows us to integrate and analyze various levels of data, including genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics.  Furthermore, by growing several plant species in one field under similar conditions, we are able to obtain and analyze high quality, cross-species genetic data.

Our proprietary and specialized data base enriches our gene discovery capabilities and improves our ability to predict the effect and level of compatibility of candidate genes.