Evofuel Ltd. is engaged in the development and commercialization of seeds of second-generation feedstock for the growing biofuel market. The company applies advanced breeding utilizing world leading plant genomic capabilities, together with agro-technique expertise, in order to improve potential biofuel feedstock and enable its efficient and sustainable large scale production.


Evofuel's mission:


 evofuel mission

Evofuel is a wholly owned subsidiary of Evogene, a world leading developer of improved plant traits, such as yield and drought tolerance, for a wide diversity of key crops through the use of plant genomics.

With biofuel demand in ground, aviation and maritime transportation growing constantly in past years and feedstock source being a major bottleneck driving production costs up, Evofuel is uniquely positioned to provide a viable solution by leveraging Evogene’s leading plant genomics capabilities.


Evofuel is focused on the development of advanced high yielding castor bean varieties as a sustainable and competitive second-generation feedstock, supplying the biodiesel and biojet industries. Evofuel aims at delivering  bean seeds which would allow production of castor oil at a cost equivalent of approximately US$50/barrel, with potential growth area estimated at 10's of millions of hectares worldwide. Evofuel focuses on Brazil as primary target location for commercial production of its varieties.


With Evofuel core competence rests in upstream-feedstock development, it collaborates with leading agriculture and biofuel companies, which are involved in downstream processes in value chain. Evofuel partnered with SLC Agricola, a leading Brazilian agribusiness, and With T6 Industrial, a leading Argentinean biodiesel producer, to develop castor varieties for commercial production in Brazil and Argentina respectively. Evofuel also partnered with NASA and Honeywell's UOP to demonstrate suitability of castor as feedstock for jet-fuel alternatives and define product performance specifications.