Evogene's Media Center http://www.evogene.com/News-Events/Media-Center en-us http://www.evogene.com/rss/media-center 60 27.10.14 - The Times of Israel http://www.evogene.com In Brazil, Israeli-perfected castor used for biofuel; Genomics firm Evogene is set to help increase Brazilian alternative energy business with millions of acres of plants %dDate http://www.evogene.com May 2014 - Hilton Israel Magazine http://www.evogene.comRead More FUTURISTIC FARMING - Israeli Agri-tech (agricultural technology) is changing the global farming landscape of tomorrow by achieving more with less %dDate http://www.evogene.comRead More 7.4.15 - AgroNews http://www.evogene.com Evogene enters field of insect resistance and control %dDate http://www.evogene.com 7.5.14 - Reuters http://www.evogene.com Evogene R&D expenses widen as it enters new areas of activity %dDate http://www.evogene.com May 2014 - NYSE: The Big Stage http://www.evogene.com Evogene harnesses technology to feed the world %dDate http://www.evogene.com 29.4.14 - Reuters http://www.evogene.com Israel's Evogene enters field of insect resistance and control %dDate http://www.evogene.com 28.3.14 - Bloomberg TV http://www.evogene.com What do the world's biggest seed companies, like Monsanto and Sygenta, have in common? As well as developing and selling seeds - no surprise there - they've partnered with Israel's Evogene %dDate http://www.evogene.com 27.3.14 - IsraelAgri http://www.evogene.com Evogene Reports Advances in Plant Innovation Work in 2013 %dDate http://www.evogene.com 25.3.14 - Reuters http://www.evogene.com Evogene, SLC Agricola in castor bean deal in Brazil %dDate http://www.evogene.com 21.11.13 - Start-up Israel website http://www.evogene.com Israeli agritech IPO could be first of a controversial wave - Evogene offering may mark the beginning of a new tech era for Israel, as genetically modified foods become more prominent %dDate http://www.evogene.com 21.11.13 - NYSE Euronext http://www.evogene.com Evogene Celebrates IPO on the NYSE! %dDate http://www.evogene.com 19.11.13 - Wall Street Journal http://www.evogene.com Evogene Estimates Some Details of Planned IPO %dDate http://www.evogene.com 18.9.13 - China Radio International http://www.evogene.com Israel is committed to using technology to solve the food problem %dDate http://www.evogene.com 4.6.13 - Globes http://www.evogene.com Evogene plans NYSE offering %dDate http://www.evogene.com October 2012 - enrgie aus pflanzen (energy plants), Germany biodiesel magazine http://www.evogene.com Tradition for biodiesel plant: Castor oil could be an alternative %dDate http://www.evogene.com 16.10.12 - AMANHA (tomorrow), O GLOBO's weekly magazine http://www.evogene.com Brazil and Israel join forces to produce alternative fuel. %dDate http://www.evogene.com 10.09.12 - Fox Business Channel http://www.evogene.com Evogene CEO, Ofer Haviv, interviewing on Crop Gene Science - helping crops fight drought conditions %dDate http://www.evogene.com July 2012 - Atmosphere http://www.evogene.com Feeding the World %dDate http://www.evogene.com 19.06.12 - Haaretz http://www.evogene.com Evogene India tie-up to boost rice yields. Evogene's shares rose 1.8% Sunday on the news and by the same percentage on Monday to close at NIS 16.49 in Tel Aviv. %dDate http://www.evogene.com 17.06.12 - Globes http://www.evogene.com Evogene, India's Rasi Seeds to develop better rice. The companies have signed a collaboration agreement to develop drought resistance rice with better crop yields. %dDate http://www.evogene.com 31.3.2012 - Seed Today http://www.evogene.com Evogene Ltd. - Proprietary genomic data creation and plant validation systems %dDate http://www.evogene.com 22.3.2012 - Haaretz http://www.evogene.com Evogene reports steep operating loss for Q4 but net loss went from $3m in 2010 to just $907,000. A 30% increase in its workforce threw Evogene into an $821,000 operating loss in the fourth quarter of 2011, compared to a $166,000 operating profit in the fourth quarter of 2010, according to the financial statement issued by the company Tuesday. %dDate http://www.evogene.com 15.5.2011 - EUREKA Newsletter http://www.evogene.com Spotlight on success: Thirsty Corn Crops get a Genetic Makeover (pp 8-9) %dDate http://www.evogene.com March 2011 - TECAN Journal http://www.evogene.com Freedom EVO® in Evogene's Biolab runs 13 cloning related procedures %dDate http://www.evogene.com 1.3.2011 - Israel's Channel 2 Evening News http://www.evogene.com %dDate http://www.evogene.com May 2014 - NYSE Big Stage http://www.evogene.com Evogene Harnesses Technology to Feed the World %dDate http://www.evogene.com http://www.evogene.com %dDate http://www.evogene.com