GeneRator AI

Breakthrough products based on
genetic elements with GeneRator AI

GeneRator AI tech engine provides biological insights supporting the identification of genetic elements for the discovery and development of products based on genetic elements.

By using a set of innovative computational tools, GeneRator AI identifies genomic elements of interest applicable as biological markers applied in genetic engineering and additional applications.


GeneRator AI identifies and selects functionally-relevant gene candidates linked to a desired phenotype or trait. These gene candidates may be incorporated into a genetically engineered organism product. Such identification and selection of novel candidates are achieved through our innovative function-based approach, proprietary gene orthology system, and integrated gene networks.


GeneRator AI presents a function-based approach founded on a unique database of inter-connected genetic elements in various gene, pathway, and genome levels. Our computational tools, applied to this unique database, enable the rapid optimization and development of leading genomic hits.

Our development strategies, such as refined phylogenetic analysis, single-nucleotide-variant level analysis, and pathway level analysis, are employed to boost success rates.

Unique Values

Enriched genomics

gene editing capabilities

AI-based protein
modification prediction

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