As both an international and publicly traded company, we place immense significance on ensuring adequate, compliant, and transparent corporate governance practices.

About Our Board of Directors and Senior Management

Evogene’s Board of Directors has 6 independent members and is currently headed by a female Chairperson. As a publicly traded company in Israel on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) and the United States on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange, Evogene has established a Compensation and Nominating Committee, as well as an Audit Committee. All the board members undergo regular trainings on corporate governance issues.

More information on the members of Evogene’s Board of Directors is available at the following link.

Our Commitment to Ethical and Fair Business Conduct

Evogene prioritizes corporate ethics and values, from Directors to employees, through our Code of Ethics and Proper Business Conduct. This code promotes a culture of decency, integrity, and respect for all, including colleagues and suppliers. All employees commit to these standards by signing the code at the start of their employment and receiving annual training to reinforce it.

Whistleblowing and Ethical Compliance Framework

Employees can report potential Code violations to our Compliance Officer, the CFO, anonymously if preferred. We have a Whistleblower Policy promoting openness, honesty, and accountability, allowing confidential reporting of relevant Accounting Complaints to our Legal Department. We strictly prohibit retaliation against those who report concerns or complaints in good faith. We encourage all employees to speak up if something doesn’t seem right.

Evogene is fully committed to prohibition of insider trading and information that could potentially undermine trust and confidence in the integrity of the company. Our Inside Information Policy clearly outlines the seriousness of the issue of the use and dissemination of inside information, as well as what constitutes inside information and who is considered an “insider” or a “principal insider” in this context.

We uphold an Anti-Corruption Compliance Policy that describes our zero-tolerance policy for bribery and corruption and commitment to upholding all relevant anti-corruption laws and regulations in our countries of operation.

All employees are required to sign and acknowledge our policies and receive annual training through our Legal Department.

Relevant Corporate Governance policies are available at the following link.


Our computational technologies rely on our information technology system to collect and analyze the biological and chemical data, which includes several petabytes of data that we produce, review, and store.

We have made significant efforts to protect against and address potential impacts of security breaches and incidents, and anticipate doing so in the future. We have established an internal information security committee, that meets from time to time to provide guidelines and address security issues. We maintain an off-site data recovery site that is used for the retention of critical data to enable a potential recovery in case of any of the described disasters.