MicroBoost AI

Boosting microbe-based products
development to new frontiers

MicroBoost AI is a leading tech-engine platform promoting discovery and development of microbial products for human health, agriculture and industrial applications. By using a set of innovative, genomic-based computational biology tools, we can drive your microbial product development from the definition phase to commercialization.

Minimum Microbes with Maximum Functions

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MicroBoost AI’s innovative function-based approach and proprietary microbial function catalog, enable the identification of novel microbial candidates, hidden to other microbial discovery platforms.

MicroBoost AI not only identifies high-potential product-specific candidates, but also pinpoints the biological reasoning (genes) behind its selection, improving the chances of the initial microbial hit to pass the subsequent optimization and development phases.


MicroBoost AI presents a function-based approach identifying the most suitable solution for challenges along product development. Product challenges are addressed without impairing other product attributes already achieved.

By using very large, diverse and unique microbial database integrated with experimental data, MicroBoost AI suggests various development strategies, such as microbial consortia design, formulations, single-nucleotide-variant level analysis, and more, to boost your product throughout the development phases.

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