Evogene group (NASDAQ:EVGN, TASE: EVGN) includes independently managed subsidiaries focusing on a defined commercial field with an exclusive license to use our unique solution for product development.

Each subsidiary may utilize the CPB platform capabilities to commercialize products independently or through strategic collaborations. The subsidiaries’ diverse product pipeline mitigates the risk associated with individual development and drive opportunities forward.

Human Health

Human Microbiome

Biomica Mission: Discovery and development of novel therapies for microbiome-related human disorders using computational predictive biology



Readout & completion of POC from first in-human study; Pre-IND meeting with FDA


Clinical batch production of drug candidate for IBD as preparation for Phase 1 clinical trials in USA


Advancement of pre-clinical studies and nomination of bacterial consortium for clinical trial


Ag Biologicals

Lavie Bio Mission: Improve food quality, sustainability and agriculture productivity through microbiome based, AI-driven, ag-biological products



Yalos™ – distribution licensing agreements and sales expansion in USA & Canada. Expansion to additional crops and an additional territory in 2025


US regulatory approval for bio-fungicide candidate for fruit rots (LAV311) – expected by 2024

Submission for Lavie Bio’s bio-fungicide candidate for downy mildew (LAV321) to the US EPA for regulatory approval – expected by 2025

Co-development and licensing agreement for an additional bio-pesticide program with a large multinational company – expected by 2025



AgPlenus Mission: Design next-generation, effective, and sustainable crop protection products by leveraging predictive chemistry and biology



Milestone achievement of the ongoing collaboration with Corteva

Engage in a new additional strategic collaboration


Nominate new Mode-of-Action protein targets

Initial greenhouse readouts of designed compounds on the defined fungi targets


Verification of computational tool for selection of novel Mode-of-Action protein targets

POC for the computational tool for novel molecule design

Human Health

Medical Cannabis

Canonic Mission: Provide tailored medical cannabis products to optimize consumer wellbeing


Direct sales

Increased revenues from the 2nd generation products during 2023

Launch of 3rd generation products with high THC levels, specific terpene profiles and unique characteristics, towards end of 2023

New revenue streams

Commence joint production of Canonic’s varieties with a 3rd party based on cost and revenue sharing

Royalties from licensing of Canonic’s varieties

Industrial Applications

Castor Oil Production

Castera Mission: Leading the castor oil market with an integrated solution for industrialized cultivation of castor in support of the biobased materials industry


Seeds development

Production – extending production outreach in the target markets: Africa (Zambia), Latin America (Brazil) with few hundred tons a year as of 2024

R&D – development of new seed traits matching industry needs (e.g., Ricin free, low viscosity) using advanced technologies: CRISPR, genetic markers

Territorial expansion

Africa - engaging with bio-fuel strategic industry leaders to increase our sales and sector footprint

Latin America – addressing the bio-polymer industry’s interest in broad, consistent and high-quality castor oil supply in Latin America

Strategic alliance

A strategic alliance with a leading global biofuel company, leveraging Casterra’s holistic industrial solution