When biology meets disruptive technologies

Based on two decades of targeted research, at an investment of tens of millions of dollars, and in collaboration with industry leaders, the CPB (Computational Predictive Biology) platform promotes and optimizes life-science product discovery and development. Integration of deep scientific understandings with big data and artificial intelligence (AI), substantially increases the probability of successful life-science product development, while reducing time and cost.

The CPB platform’s innovative solutions are relevant to products based on microbes, small molecules and genetic elements, relevant to market segments in human-health, agriculture and industrial applications.

The power of the CPB

The CPB platform provides tailor-made solutions for discovery and development, utilizing comprehensive and integrated computational biology to substantially increase the probability of success, while reducing the time and cost of life-science product development.

Our revolutionary “decoding biology” computational platform addresses the most challenging aspects of life-science product development with leading prediction models and validation systems.


A multi-attribute computational selection of product candidates addresses the most relevant product development challenges and utilizes dedicated training data sets and AI, to initiate the development process.


A multi-attribute computational driven solution for optimization of selected candidates by addressing a specific product attribute, without impairing its other existing attributes.

The technological

Life Science

Define the desired product and its attributes

Tailored Big Data

Generate tailored proprietary data and integrate high-quality public data for each product attribute

Interconnected Data Hub

Comprehensive analytics are created by connecting different data types addressing a variety of product attributes

Analysis Platform

AI based computational solutions for the discovery and development of life-science based products

Validation System

Experimental bio-system solutions for:

1. Tailored data generation
2. Experimental validation of computational solutions