ChemPass AI

Unlocking success in small molecule-based
product development

ChemPass AI is an innovative, validated computational chemistry discovery and development tech-engine for designing novel small molecule-based products.

ChemPass AI integrates validated innovative chemo-informatics tools focused on various product-related attributes and development hurdles, and a robust, highly-efficient virtual screening platform. It utilizes a set of advanced AI chemo-informatics tools and a routinely updated database of curated and processed data on molecules available for purchase and synthesis. ChemPass AI drives and accelerates the small molecule product development process.

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ChemPass AI uses a set of innovative tools to achieve optimal outcomes for small molecule targeted discovery. Its TargetSelecetor proprietary tool can highlight optimal protein targets based on a myriad of criteria. Utilizing Deep Learning computational technologies, ChemPass AI, can then screen and identify small molecule candidates from an extensive >35B molecule database in a short period while meeting multiple product attributes.

ChemPass AI integrates multiple product-related considerations for selecting small molecules that meet pre-defined criteria, such as novel mechanism of action, ADME-Tox, various properties, or others.


Small molecule hits, leads, or commercial products are optimized and developed using a set of dedicated AI-based tools that automatically expand the hits’ chemical space, allowing researchers to cycle through a Structure Activity Relationship (SAR) process in a timely and cost-effective manner while maintaining all necessary attributes.

ChemPass AI combines large, well-organized, searchable databases and related innovative chemo-informatic tools to search, invent and analyze new small molecules before their expensive synthesis and testing.

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